Dear Colleague,

We invite you to participate in the upcoming Inaugural Meeting of the Association for Cognitive Bias Modification (ACBM) which will be held virtually on February 13-15, 2022.

ACBM is committed to improving CBM research and application in a manner that reflects scientific rigor, clinical integrity, and dissemination of evidence-based assessment and therapeutics. You are most welcome to join ACBM as a member and be part of a collective effort to refine assessments of cognitive biases associated with dysfunctional psychological processes; optimize training procedures to modify cognitive biases; and leverage the understanding of mechanisms to maximize their therapeutic benefits.

In recent years we have witnessed major breakthroughs in cognitive bias modification research and its clinical application. In particular, novel measurement tools, experimental methods, and creative cognitive bias modification protocols for a variety of mental disorders have been developed and tested. Methodological obstacles and implementation difficulties have been fleshed out, and tackling them is leading to major advancements in this up and coming field of research and clinical application.

These basic and translational advancements in CBM, along with other key topics, will be the focus of presentations delivered by speakers of high repute during the Meeting, and also of in depth discussions between attendees. We have already obtained the consent of several international world leaders in CBM research to share their recent findings and observations with us.

All who would be interested in participating are welcome to submit abstracts for both oral and poster sessions.

We welcome you to what we hope will be a stimulating and inspiring scientific meeting.

Colin McLeod.jpg

Professor Colin MacLeod

University of Western Australia (ACBM President)

Yair Bar-Haim_edited.jpg

Professor Yair Bar-Haim

Tel Aviv University (ACBM President-Elect)

Jennifer Lau.jpg

Professor Jennifer Lau

Kings College London (ACBM Secretary)